You're only as old as you feel...

Jonamay Lambert - Monday, February 11, 2013

For some of us we hit a certain birthday and it marks a mental turning point.  Some of that is based on our own perception of age and some of it is based on what we may have accepted as society’s stereotypes of a certain age.  We all age differently and our attitude about aging is just as important as our habits. 

A big fallacy is that you’re as old as the number of years that you’ve lived.  Doctors know this isn’t true and you probably know people in their sixty and seventies that have bodies and minds of forty-year-olds; some forty-year -olds are so stressed out that they might as well be eighty.

Answer these statements to determine how “old” you are:

Based on my birth certificate, I am ___years old.

Based on my vitality, I feel ___years old.

Based on how I see myself, I feel ___years old.

Now, based on your responses what do you need to do?

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