Lifestyle & Pre-Retirement Program Overview  

The question is not "Will I experience major changes in my life?" The question is "Will I be as prepared as I should be to handle them?"

Life is about change and choice. Sometimes we cannot choose the changes that happen to us, as with a forced retirement, but we can choose how to deal with them. Life Path Partners Lifestyle Transition Planning Program helps employees prepare for those inevitable changes in life that we call transitions...including the transition to retirement. It is a self-paced program, which allows employees to work on it at any time, at their own pace, and helps them learn more about themselves and how to make a successful transition to the next phase of life.

Do any of these employee scenarios sound familiar?

  • Struggling with the idea of a career change
  • Company wants you to relocate, disrupting the lives of you and your family.
  • Facing forced retirement, within a very tight time frame.
  • Feeling dissatisfied with your job and just want a change.
  • Planning on retiring in a few years and haven't got a clue what to do with yourself.

No process can give all the answers.  Only individuals can make the decisions about what they want.  But we can help build a framework that will support the transition to the next phase of life and assist employees in addressing key life management issues.


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