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Our unique Lifestyle Modeling Software© allows employees to take a fair, unbiased and factual look at the financial realities of the vision they have developed for their future.  It creates a model, based on accurate or carefully estimated dollar amounts, and provides a picture in graph form of what the financial realities might look like in the future. The graph is produced from data they enter, such as:

  • income, present and projected
  • current living expenses
  • estimated major life events yet to come (such as that trip to Europe they want to take, or hosting a wedding)
  • pension dollars, including Social Security
  • investments
  • any projected income, such as the expected sale of a house or an inheritance
Does it sound overwhelming? Don't worry, because the LTPP program walks through the process, step by step. And employees can feel secure in the knowledge that none of this personal information will ever be connected to their real identity. Read our privacy policy to understand why.

The marvellous thing about the financial model that is built is that the scenarios that have been created, with a few keystrokes, can be changed. Different scenarios can be developed, entering different numbers, until the right one is found. The purpose of this financial planning is to help employees build a strategy for their transition which the can take to their financial planner for assistance in ensuring that they'll have what they need for their future.

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