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Executive Pre-Retirement Coaching

Are you proactively addressing potential departures or retirements of senior executives?

For Executives, this can be a time of uncertainty, confusion, and sometimes, fear. Productivity may slip and valuable experience and knowledge not passed on. With the help of Life Path Parnters Executive Pre-Retiremenet and Lifestyle Transition Planning Program, companies will benefit through increased stability, improved morale, and, most importantly, sustained productivity.

The Executive individual coaching helps leaders plan for the future, leverage their current contribution and prepare their legacy. Coaching creates clarity, outlines action steps, and ensures that intention becomes forward momentum. One-on-One coaching provides the added benefit of privacy and discretion regarding the executives lifestyle planning. Our Executive Pre-Retirement coaching focuses on:

  • Clarifying long and short terms goals
  • Developing an action plan and timeline
  • Planning crucial conversations
  • Family considerations
  • Preparing a legacy inside and outside the company

To learn more about how you can provide this program to your executives, please contact us.

Mid-Career Coaching

Are you great at what you do but you've lost your passion for it?

Surveys show that US job satisfaction is at the lowest level in two decades. Now is the time to find the right career fit. It is possible to find a job you enjoy, even if you have been in one industry for many years.

We spend more time at work than at home, that's why it's critical that people enjoy their jobs.  Staying in a career that's not a fit for you has a negative impact on employees and employers.

Our "Half-Time" coaching provides mid-career professionals with individualized attention and custom-tailored solutions to help identify the ideal job and determine how to best make the transition.

Couple Pre-Retirement Lifestyle Coaching 

Are you aware of how retirment may affect your relationship with your partner?

A lot of information is available to help people plan financially for retirement, yet very little attention is paid to how relationships and personal well-being may be changed as a result of it. Despite a common belief that retirement is "easy," research shows that it can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. 

Getting the LIfe You Want coaching is designed to help couples prepare for lifestyle transition. Coaching provides information and examples to illustrate fundamental concepts about transitions. Our program helps couples explore their feelings and future plans.  A critical skill that couples learn is how to have a discussion with their partner about sensitive issues.

The end result of the coaching is that couples end up with a future lifestyle strategy that they co-create.  To learn more, please contact us.

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