A note from Jonamay Lambert, Founder of Life Path Partners

Your life is a work in progress and it will evolve and change over time.

As my life has evolved, my understanding of the importance of having a life plan has also strengthened.

At the age of 51, I went through a major transition.  After many ups and downs, I worked through it, but one thing was clear—I realized that my life was not over. Rather, I came to understand that it was an opportunity for a new beginning. Though I had been forced to transition into another phase of my life, I also recognized that there would be more transitions in the future.

Sharing my experience with others, I have come to understand that I’m not alone. There are hundreds and thousands of people struggling with the same issues and who, like me, had no idea about how to cope with change and how to plan for life’s future transitions. We are faced with many changes throughout a lifetime: job changes, marriage, having children, moving, illness, divorce, death of a loved one and, yes, eventually there is a transition to retirement, which we define as “transitioning from something to something.”

My objective is to help individuals prepare for those inevitable changes in life that we call transitions, including, but definitely not limited to, the transition to retirement.

My advice is to give yourself plenty of time to plan. This is very important. The more time you give yourself to prepare for a possible transition, the better your chances of successfully managing it to your own benefit. This is not a program you undertake the day before an important transition. There needs to be as much lead time as possible—years, if possible. We also recommend that you revisit the program periodically. As life changes occur, you can use the process and tools to modify your plan.

I wish you great success as you work through this program and I trust that you will find the results helpful in planning for your future life transitions.

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