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  1. Dollars and Sense of Inclusion Jonamay Lambert 24-Nov-2015
  2. Taking a Stand Jonamay Lambert 25-May-2014
  3. Motivating a Diverse Workforce Jonamay Lambert 03-Oct-2013
  4. The Benefits......or not of Telecommunting Jonamay Lambert 25-Feb-2013
  5. Do you believe that Men and Women have the same career aspirations? Jonamay Lambert 03-Apr-2012


Jonamay truly create a great and thought provoking environment - allowed for lengthy and deep dialogue.

    Workshop participant from Summer Institute of Intercultural Communication 2013

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Jonamay Lambert facilitating diversity and inclusion25-Aug-2015

Jonamay Lambert facilitating diversity and inclusion August 25, 2015

Gays, Gods and the Workplace: Not Mutually Exclusive06-May-2015

Indiana’s Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA) debate pitted two quintessential American v..

Leesa Nesty - Sr. Associate and Life Transition Consultant28-Feb-2014

Leesa Nesty - Sr. Associate and Life Transition Consultant Leesa Nesty is a woman with a m..

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